Daylight’s Savings Time


When do we get to cash in on all the daylight we saved during daylight’s savings time?  I’ve never understood why we still continue to have daylight’s savings time.  It seems to make Fall mornings particularly difficult when it is so dark at 7:00 a.m. before it changes back.

After it changes my dogs wake up at 7:00 a.m. based on daylight savings and now they are waking at 6:00a.m. by the clock.   It is not an easy transition for them.  They need to out and “do their business” and their stomachs seem to behave like alarm clocks.

Monday through Friday I take them out in the morning.  They start whining about 6:45a.m. , now 5:45a.m.   My mini australian paws at this kennel door.   My 13 year old pomeranian joins in with her own distinctive groaning.

Now I am sure you are asking “why do they have the kennels in their bedroom.”  That is a very good question but one that would take too long to answer. As it is the kennels are in the bedroom and so very morning this is the routine.

I put on my robe and I take them out the door after turning on the lights.  I always admonish the aussie to stay close.  “Don’t go too far.” I say but he always takes off around the house.  Sometimes he triggers the light with the motion detector on the garage.  Usually he doesn’t.  While the pomeranian stays fairly close to the front door I use the flashlight on my iPhone to try and spotlight the aussie.

My concern is about possums and raccoons and coyotes.  Lately I have smelled skunk in the early morning.   I don’t think an interaction with any of those animals would be good for either of my dogs or me.   I always think about the fact that I need to procure a better flashlight and every morning I fumble with the iPhone.

As I write this I can see the error of my ways yet I don’t feel the least bit inspired to correct it.   I think I embody the very reason we don’t stop daylight’s savings time!  It is simply habit.  Ridiculously engrained habit that a little bit of planning and reconditioning could probably change.

So, I guess I will go look for flashlight.   Change one thing.   We’ll see how long it lasts.