Why I hate grocery shopping


I hate grocery shopping.  It is tedious.  I am not good at making lists.   It is always cold even in the hottest months.   The carts always have one wheel that wants to rattle, shake, clunk or veer off in the direction you do not want to go.

You can spot the career shoppers.  They read labels.  They bend over and peer at the shelves – picking up items and reading the backs of them.   They pay attention to the price per ounce, pound or item.  Seeing them do it makes me think I ought to do it and I don’t want to do it.   I want to get out of there as quickly as possible.

I tried for a long time to be ecologically conscious.  I bought the little paper/fabric bags and I stuffed them into my trunk.  I would go into the store and forget I brought them and I would have to return to my car.  The bags took up a lot of space in my cart and when I got to check out you see the thinly veiled exasperation on the face of the person getting ready to check me out.  So I would go to to the self check.  But that was worse.  The mechanical voice kept telling me to put things back on the scale or to wait for the cashier or worse yet to put my item in the bag.

Today my husband and I went to the grocery store together.  He was making a beer run and I knew we needed coffee.   We made quick work of it but when we got to the register (which has gone from cashier emptying  the cart back to customer emptying content of cart on sticky rolling conveyer)  we found in the space a cart with a ladies purse open and a pile of halloween candy on the conveyer.  The owner of the purse was nowhere to be seen.

“She had to go get something she forgot” the cashier said nonchalantly.  My husband and I looked at each other.  The woman was still nowhere to be seen so  I used my arm and swept the pile of candy to the back of the conveyer and began unloading our small cart.   The cashier started beeping our items through.

A nicely dressed middle aged woman walked up behind us – her arms full of canned items.  Her hair was lovely her clothes neat with attractive jewelry draped around her neck.   She sat the cans down behind the candy and  picked up her pocket book.  “I’ll be right back.” she said to the cashier and again leaving her cart went back to the shelves to retrieve something else.

“Well,” I commented to my husband and the cashier.  “That’s one way to do it.”  Maybe if I could find an obliging cashier I could take up this method.  You could combine your daily walk with the other tedious task of grocery shopping.  But to be honest, I still don’t think it would make me like grocery shopping and besides apparently it only works if you are nicely dressed.  I won’t put forth the effort either.

Does Amazon sell groceries?



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